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Only Way

by RichTea Productions

Lyrics: Beautiful Day, how you can stop me in my tracks and then blow me away My ashes are lost, but I'll find the way Stay after dark, we'll make a fire and when they're asleep, take what is ours Take what is ours I need you now I need you now Glistening eyes, freezing my heartbeat - I loose all control, colder than ice A broken wrong, I just cant right Under the gun, getting our kicks but I dont see the point, now that youre gone Now that youre gone I need you now I need you now (Beautiful Day)
Only Way 03:40
Lyrics: Broken Homes, Jobless Gnomes, the grass is always greener when its under your nose It may seem wrong but its the only way Kid, your on your own: all alone, its a big bad world but you gotta go, I know your scared but its our only way Time to rise and shine, you know well be just fine, forget your cares, all we have is time, let it go, its your only way. You wont get something for nothing You wont get something for nothing, if you dont say Getcha' head out the clouds an make your daddy proud, Careful of them dreams, theyll make you leave the ground, I know he cares but its your only way Were gonna pack up now, gonna make it somehow, were not going back to that big old house, Take my hand its our only way You wont get something for nothing You wont get something for nothing, if you dont say Now the years have passed, proving love does last, grain by grain through the hour glass, Like a beating heart (it's the only way) The Only Way
Daydream 02:03
Lyrics: I was chasing a daydream, a beautiful daydream with bright lit blue skies I walked for miles and miles to see you, when hope wasn't near, surrounded by loneliness Until there was you I pushed through to crowds to get near you, your arms wide open, I raised you a smile And all around us were people just laughing, about jokes they were cracking, for the first time, in a long time I Felt Alive


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Each track also comes with a video that you can find on my YouTube page here: www.youtube.com/richytea


released July 21, 2013



Artwork supplied by Gisel Mosaner (Pacciola) - pacciola.deviantart.com

Contact via the above website link for business related queries.


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